Dear Students of the “Associazione Sante Malatesta onlus”,

you are kindly invited to the 3rd edition of the “MULTI-ETHNIC DINNER” that will be held on Wednesday, June 13 at 9.00 pm in San Frediano. The chosen time should guarantee to Ramadan observing people to start dinner after sunset.

Associates and Friends of the Association will also attend the dinner.

You will be the protagonists of the dinner and in fact we need your help!

We ask you to provide some dishes from your home country; a written “menu” should specify its original name, the ingredients and other information, when available.

The kitchen of S. Frediano is available and the Association will cover the expenses of the ingredients upon presentation of the receipt.

Everyone is encouraged to present aspects of their home country through a short show (recitals, music, dances etc.): please let us know your plans.

Please answer this call within June 8: all correspondence should be addressed to Giuseppina Please also specify whether you will take part in the dinner as an invited participant or as a cook: in this second case please inform us on how many people (approximately) is your dish prepared for.

With all our best wishes,

the President and the Volunteers of the Association

Multi-ethnic dinner – 13 June 2018